Monday, 14 January 2008

dusty rose

dusty rose, originally uploaded by Zalita.


Cakespy said...

I saw this on Flickr and it nearly took my breath away!! This is simply gorgeous!

Wiz said...

Zalita, I'm a big big fan of yours really. I have been wanting to write to you but I didn't know your email add. A friend of mine got smitten with your work and asked me bake her cupcakes which look something like yours. I have of course mentioned you and your link in my post and would love if you could spare sometime to bloghop to my place and see my "not so good as Zalita's" cupcakes. Do scroll down a bit till you find an entry on From Manchester with love. I'm sorry for not asking for your permission first, I didn't know how right up till now. I have been trying to leave comments at your flicker page but I don't know why for some reasons I couldn't. So I'm here to thank you for the many beautiful cupcakes you have made and they are truly inspirational!

Happybakes said...

Hello Zalita,

been looking in on your cupcakes and Kylie's too. You both are such an inspiration not only in your skills and persistence in making those LOVELY LOVELY BEAUTIFUL cuppies.... but also in the friendship you have shown us that friends can be made when cupcakes are in mind he he... and when we share, beautiful things come to bloom! I can only drool and drool looking at both your cupcakes, been itching to make some but have to save up to replace my broken down oven first..!
Maybe I should make 'show only' cupcakes? like instead of cake, suggestions??

Farah said...

Hi Zahirah,
I am sooo in love with your cupcakes. I tried to mail you couple of times on flickr...may be you didn't get my msg. I would really love to know how do you make those cute flowers on your cupcakes. What do you use gumpaste or fondant? cutters or any special equipment? If you drop by my blog and leave a msg, I would really appreciate. Keep up the good work.

Love, Farah

zalita said...

thank u cakespy i so love ur work too!!! i also paint but only in oils but cuppies have been taking up all my time:)

lol thank u for the comment im glad u wrote me a comment here im a little lazy with my emails:( im def going to pop over to ur blog i must add a link of them to here (when i get a chance) thank u for the credits and for the support it means so much to me!!

happy bakes
lol buy some cuppies and decorate them:) or.... hmmm thats a hard one i know some of my friends make those vintage ones but im not sure how and they last forever!!

btw kylies cuppies are out of this world lol she has been so supportive and such an inspiration to me i cant thank her enough:)


sorry for my no replies!! i have so many emails that i sometiems forget which i havent replied to :\

ok i use marshmellow fondant which u can find from the web and i use gum tex which hardens it and makes it pliable and easy to work with.
also plastic icing which u can add gum tex or tylose or any agent that will harden it. my advise is to buy a book which will help u to learn more abt sugarpaste as i learnt only from books!! there are many cutters out there which u can buy u just need to search the internet for the closest supplier in ur area ...hope this helps and il try and remember to reply to ur emails in flickr:)

Farah said...

Thank you so much for the tips. Your cupcakes make my day literally, I wake up every day to see another beautiful cupcake made by you. It happened like this, one night I couldn't sleep so I was just browsing through flickr and I stumbled upon your 'tea set cupcake'. So I thought if I could make some, it won't be good as you but it would be fun to try. So I was eager to get some tips from you. Thanks again and wish you all the best.


P.S. would you recommend any specific book u like?

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