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fruity flavours include
lemon curd buttercream
passionfruit sorbet buttercream
strawberry buttercream
raspberry buttercream

perfect served as a dessert
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macarons, originally uploaded by zalita-on holiday.

flavour and colour requests welcome

macarons are a perfect for many occasions from wedding favours or as gifting option we will package and ribbon them to suit your style and taste.

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Sanas Luau

Sanas Luau, originally uploaded by -zalita-catching up:).

cake +decor styling by cupcake dlights

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Macaroons, originally uploaded by -zalita-catching up:).

the yummiest crunchy on the outside chewy on the inside and the perfect sweetness of lindt chocolate ganache that fuses into the most blissful experience....

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vintage elegance

vintage elegance, originally uploaded by -zalita-.

i have been away for so long moving house, madly busy with weddings, guests and just had no time for photographs except on blackberry which is really pathetic. Anyway this yr one of my resolutions is to get it back on track and here is my fist set of photographs for 2011

hope you all had a wonderful holiday...

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