Sunday, 27 January 2008

tea and toast

tea and toast, originally uploaded by Zalita.


Lisa said...

I just found you from flickr. Love your work. It is really lovely. I linked to you on my blog. I hope it's ok. I love cupcakes too.

Katie said...

Wow, that's awesome! How did you make the "tea"?

Jen Sue Wild said...

This is simply wonderful!!!

Alina said...

Definitely another favorite of mine. Espescially since I'm a big fan of everything relating to the madhatter's tea party.
I wonder what liquid you used to fill the teacup with?

sarabandeofsenses said...

hi! i just found your blog and i love all of your gorgeous cupcake creations. they are just amazing. i lived in south africa (cape town and then jo'burg) for a year so i know where durban is! this particular cupcake has to be one of my favorites ever. it combines cupcakes with tea time - two of my utmost addictions!

Anonymous said...

Hi ,

juz browsing through and found your cup cakes excellent... !!! juz was a bit depressed when I could nt find any recipes to try it out myself... But your work is FABULOUS!!!

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