Tuesday, 7 October 2008

photo theifs at it again!!!!!!!!!

photo theifs at it again!!!!!!!!!, originally uploaded by zalita.


The Sugar Fairy said...

I'm so sorry that people are doing this to you. Do your other baking friends know this is happening to them?

Are photos posted on sites copyrighted automatically or do you need to have a copyright put on them. I'm not really up on this stuff so forgive me if that question sounded silly.

Deb said...

What they are doing is disgusting!

Although internet and copyright laws vary widely over the world these are your images and I would imagine that someone could not use them without your specific persmission.

A quick search on google for internet laws relating to your country (or a phone call to a legal aid service) could provide the answer you are looking for.

I would hope the name and shame approach works but if not there should be legal avenues you can take.

Good luck!

jenny holiday said...

Hello Zalita!
I am so sorry this has happened to you. We have had our images stolen from flickr, and our blog as well. It had gone as far as people using the images in blog blanner designs that were actually for sale...as well as printing our images and adding them to shelves and other things and selling them and marketing them as their "own artwork".

Now in this situation...does this person actually bake cupcakes? If so...why on earth would she want to use your/our photos to sell her own baking? That is just so crazy.

I myself make flickr mosaics using photos that belong to other flickr members, to inspire and promote others. Always linking back or giving credit to the original owner/artist. But when images are taken from others in situations like this..it is theft, and false advertising. I couldn't find her site. I think she may have taken the page down.

Thanks for posting about this. We all just have to protect ourselves as much as possible..and protect each other.

Cheer up....your work and world is too sweet for this to take over!!

Smile..and have a cupcake!!!

Love from the Jersey Shore!
xoxo Jenny

zalita said...


Jenny thank you for your support!!!

i know how you feel, im just tired of disgusting ppl like them!!!

Mandy said...

How disgusting! I have my designs stolen too and it makes you sick that people can't be original.

What? Did she think you wouldn't notice.


whimsy said...

hi zalitha,

my sincere apologies re your pics! i had no idea they were copywrited. the multi one does not have your signature watermark! and i certainly i had no idea you were in south africa!..i took it off flickr purely just to send out the email. i in no way said i will replicate what is on YOUR pics!
i have my own style. and your cupcakes are beautiful!!!
my own website, with my own pictures and portfolio will be going live in November!
that email i sent to close friends, went way out of control.
once again, my sincere apologies!!!



your cupcakes are awesome, your attention to detail, fantastic! your work is inspirational!

Fiona Byrns said...

I am shocked and to think when I got this I was so happy they where in Cape Town. I will certainly retract all my messages I sent frinds and have sent them a link to your site. Your stuff is awsome and I love seeing your creations.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zalita

We feel your pain it seems this Natalie women has no busniess ethics as it seems she got hold of our entire address book and mailed this news letter to all our customers. When I e-mailed I got no response.

Very upset Pixie

SweetBites said...

hi Zalita, what this Natalie woman did to u is vey unethical. its like basking in someone else's glory to reap benefits. glad u 'caught' that person & brought her to eveyone's attention.

Sharon said...
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Sharon said...

Get a lawyer to send her a cease and desist letter. You should either bring a lawsuit or just deal with the fact that there are crooked folks like this all over the world. It's sad but true. Just because you're a cupcake baker doesn't make your creations and recipes any less valuable than a painter or musician. I'd get the lawyer on the phone!

gina said...

Hi Zalita, I know how you feel. Coz it happens to me all the time. I host a cooking/baking forum and I once saw my food photo in a cafe near my place! I confronted the lady owner and demanded a compensation and an apology. Luckily she did, if not, I would send her a lawyer's letter to sue her. I would suggest that you do the same. People think Internet is free..so they just grab and use. I visit your blog/flickr albums for inspirations.. Thank you for the inspiration.

redframe said...

Hi Zalita, this is quite a pickle hey? I also received the whimsical group mail and got very excited about it being in Cape Town... Have you replied to Natalie's comment?
Your work is beautiful, I'll mail you my request though I'm not sure that cupcakes travel that well!

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