Friday, 25 April 2008

pink and orange

pink and orange, originally uploaded by Zalita.


Deanna said...

I have linked to you on my blog, I hope that is okay. If there is anything in my post that you would like to see removed, please just let me know. I wanted to share your art with my is truly beautiful!

jhazz said...

hi zalita! i'm so amazed of your creations! i have posted your photos in my blog -- as i wanted to share your beautiful and spellbounding works of art with my friends. they're all adorable!
btw, i've just started baking... and i so love making cupcakes....hope you could share me tips in decorating and making frostings.
Thanks & God bless you exceedingly!

zalita said...

thanks Deanna :) of course its ok

Jhazz plz send me an email if u wish to know anything (i sometimes take a while and u might have to remind me as i do get lots of emails) but i always reply sooner or later:)

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