Sunday, 5 August 2007


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vanilla buttercake with marshmellow fluff buttercream and sugar flowers with pearl centres.


Anonymous said...

hi beautiful cupcakes! too good to do u maake the marshmallow fluff buttercream? izit like the swiss meringue buttercream?

Miss Specs said...

very nice...can we get the instructions how to do it?

zalita said...

sure the marshmellow fluff recipe il post it under recipes so plz dolook out for it as its the tastiest buttercream ever:)

Anonymous said...

hi i just luuuv the colours used esp the green!i'd appreciate if u cld share the 'formula' to get this shade of green.i've tried myself few times but failed to get it right.and the cupcake looks yummy!

zalita said...

hi if u mix turquise into a bit of yellow creamy coloured buttercream it will be similar to this:) its what i did:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Z,

May I know where to get the recipe for mashmellow fluff buttercream? Apologies if I missed out any info.


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