contact details and pricing structure

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cupcake pricing structure
example A

a detailed cupcake with a handbag shoe, animal, hats etc things that take time and are hand moulded range from 35 - 55 per cupcake.

example b

flower gardens and cupcakes that have a rose and other mini flowers are 25-35 but if you want the detailed flower gardens they are 40 per cupcake.

example c
a cupcake with a rose on it is 18 and cupcakes with 3 flowers besides a rose are also in this price range.

example d
our simplest cupcake is a cupcake with a single blossom or simple flower like a petunia these are 15.00 each

our plain cupcakes
large in vanilla is13
small 8

large in chocolate 14
small 10.00

we also have flavours the following flavours are individually priced please enquire further.

choc mint, red velvet, lemon with lemon curd, carrot with cream cheese, lindt choc mud,coffee and others

we also do big cakes for weddings, teas, and birthdays
our favorites are lindt choc fudge and coffee sponge with coffee cream
our wedding cakes depending on the work and number of tiers start at 2500 upwards

please enquire further esp brides as we do prefer if you give us an idea of your budget and we then can make up a package to create a stunning display.

we also hire out stands.

why dont you hire Cupcake D'lights for your next party we will come to your venue and set up the most amazing attractive candy/dessert table to suit your theme/wedding.
we include cupcakes, cake, cookies, sweets custom made tags and other sweet details.

please note:
cupcakes ordered may look similar to the ones on the blog, but will differ as we always try and do something different for each client and the budget that was discussed.

We do not stand liable for any mishaps and do not compensate once the order has left us!

furthermore when an order is placed please confirm 2 days before the cupcakes are due to discuss pick up time and any other details. Deliveries packaging and hiring of stands will be an added cost so please discuss these details when you place an order with us.

enquire further information

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